About & FAQ

Hi, my name is Amanda! I am one of those people who has a whole lot of jobs and hobbies - plus a toddler, a dog, two cats, a bunch of plants, and a husband. With so many interests, I am sure my life looks a bit chaotic and overwhelming at times, but it's also fun and inspiring and fulfilling!

Q: How do you get all this stuff done with a toddler/baby around?
A: It is not at all easy. Some things that help me get projects done include working during nap times, working during play times (your baby will actually get used to seeing you knit and mostly stop pulling it all off the needles... eventually), letting housework slide sometimes (oops) and watching less tv. 

Q: How do I commission you to paint something?
A: Just email me to get the ball rolling at amanda.farquharson@gmail.com. I will quote you some prices based on size, complexity, and deadline. After you agree to a size, I will produce a line drawing for your approval. You can suggest two rounds of changes to the line drawing for the agreed on price (usually things work out in one round of changes, but additional rounds of changes after 2 would be $50 each). Once we are both happy with the sketch, you send payment via etsy, paypal or email money transfer and I begin the painting. When the painting is done, I scan and send you a picture of it for final approval. At that stage, not many changes can be made because watercolour is permanent, but some people like to have an area defined or darkened or tinted a shade, and that is all doable! Once you approve the scan, I will ship it to you either in a shipping tube or packaged securely in a stiff cardboard mailer. 

Q: How much do commissioned paintings cost?
A: It depends. For example, a small house painted in watercolour on 8 x 10 paper is about $250-$300 plus shipping. A storefront or medium sized house painted on 11 x 14 paper would be around $300-$350 plus shipping, depending on complexity of the architectural details. For a rush commission, it costs more. For anything for commercial use, it might cost a lot more depending on what it is for. 

Q: Who has the reproduction rights of your work?
A: I do. Even if you commissioned the piece, I hold the copyright and reproduction rights of every piece of artwork. If you want to print or use my work please email me first. I am happy to make prints for you for a fee. If you want to use my work in a wedding invitation or some other printed project, please email me first! My email is amanda.farquharson@gmail.com. Sometimes I even let people use things for free! Just make sure you ask first. 

Q: Do you teach private painting lessons?
A: I haven't done much of this, but I am open to it! If you live locally and want to arrange lessons please just email me and we can figure something out! 

Q: Do you teach private sewing lessons?
A: Yes! Sewing lessons are arranged through the local sewing store I work and teach at, Needlework. The cost is $45/hr, minimum of 2 hours. Sewing lessons are held at the store, using all the store equipment, and can cover: fitting, full and small bust adjustments, sewing with knits, garment sewing, mending, and more! 

Q: What did you go to school for?
A: I have a Bachelors of Fine Art with a focus on visual arts. My degree primarily focused on film photography which became obsolete about one year after my degree was completed. Ha! I also took university classes in painting and costume construction, and following my graduation I continued taking classes and pursuing knowledge in whichever direction took my fancy. I have been educated to some degree in web design, puppetry, millinery, pattern drafting, knitting, drawing, printmaking, and tailoring. 

Q: How tall are you?
A: 6'1". Yes, that is very tall!

And to wrap up this questions session, here are some extra fun facts about me!

  • I love my adopted city, Hamilton (in Ontario, Canada) although I previously live in Toronto. 
  • I have Celiac Disease, which means that when I eat even the tiniest amount of gluten my body attacks itself and I get very sick. I am always on the hunt for good gluten free recipes!
  • I love reading. SO MUCH. I also read very fast. I like every genre except horror, but my heart loves fantasy books the most. I have probably read the entire Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings series more than 30 times each. 
  • My dog gets into lots of trouble but it's not his fault - he was born a chocolate lab. 
  • I just got into gardening in the last year and am really enjoying it! I also really really have no clue what I am doing.