Welcome! My name is Amanda and I am an Illustrator  and Sewing Instructor living in Hamilton, Ontario (That’s in Canada.) I enthusiastically illustrate pictures for this blog, which is a place I share what makes me happy, show off and ask for feedback about my work, and tell any funny stories that come to mind and aren’t going to shame me on the internet forever.

I started this site in 2010 after leaving my dream job as a puppet builder and puppeteer. Despite having an Honours Bachelors in Fine arts, I hadn’t really done much drawing or illustrating before I decided I was going to draw all the blog posts myself. You can definitely see some marked improvements from my first post! Practice works, I tell you. Original watercolours and archival prints of my work are available in my Etsy Shop. I teach private sewing lessons  ($25/hr) as well as sewing classes at Needlework.

I live with Jay (husband) and Molly (daughter) in Dundas, ON with our two cats, Lucy and Mocha, and our dog Finnegan.  Despite Jay’s calm and logical influence, my life frequently resembles a bad sitcom and chaos is rampant. Usually it’s my fault.

If you are new to the blog and would like to read some highlights, you can read about the time I knocked out a bridegroom before his weddingwhat Finnegan ate, my diagnosis with Celiac disease and my constant hunt for items Sans Gluten, and the time I got attacked by a goose in a blizzard.

Blog comments are my favourite thing, but you can also reach me through TwitterPinterest, orFacebook.