Custom 6 x 6 Oil Portrait

Custom 6 x 6 Oil Portrait

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I am currently offering 4 of these portraits at a discounted rate because I am still figuring out the portrait process! Portraits are very time consuming and detailed, even for such a small size, and once I am more confident in creating them, I will be raising the price to match the time and expertise they require.

A small yet beautiful size, these 6 x 6 inch oil portraits can capture the best of someone you love.

Please read below for more details before purchasing.

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I will create this painting based on colour photographs taken by you or me (you must agree in writing that you are the original photographer and/or retain the copyright for the reference images). The photo MUST be well lit with one strong natural light source, with eyes and all features clear and visible (I need to be able to see the highlights in the eyes). Due to the small size, a simple solid colour background is all that is included. I will not proceed with the painting unless there is a suitable photograph. If you are unsure, please email me first at with some photo references and we can go from there!

This is an artistic representation of a person, not a photograph and brush strokes, etc are visible. Although I use the reference photo heavily, I find that most portraits are deeper and more nuanced than a photograph. The colours are deeper, the shadows and highlights have more detail, and by using blending and colour theory techniques, the entire picture is more cohesive and interesting!


It can take a month or more to go through the process of emailing back and forth to select an image, reviewing sketches, underpainting, and finishing the painting. Between layers of painting, I sometimes have to wait a week or more. Once finished, it takes at least 2 weeks to be dry to the touch. Oil paint takes 6 months to dry completely and be ready for varnishing (varnish is a protective layer that I apply as part of the fee, or you can apply it or pay to have a local artist or framer apply it on your behalf). I am also only painting part time currently due to being home with my children, and I have a month long or more list of commissions already in the works! So what I mean to say is: this is not a rush process. It’s a careful and beautiful and slow process which will result in you having a timeless heirloom of someone you love.


6 x 6 inch hardboard panel
pencil sketch
acrylic or thinned oil paint underpainting
professional oil paints
optional if you live locally or are willing to wait 6 months: 2 coats of glossy or satin removable varnish
does not include framing