Exploring Colour Palettes

Since joining the local plein air painting group, I have been watching other artists work in a way that wasn’t really accessible to me before this. They, too, mostly seem to just paint the way that they naturally instinctively paint. But some of them create work that is SO different from my own!

Acrylic paints? Yes please!

I bought some acrylic paint the other day to see if they would show a bit more flexibility when plein air painting… and they did! Although I struggled a bit with how fast they dried, I loved holding the canvas in my lap and being able to work closely in certain areas with my hand resting right on the canvas. I was able to bring all the gear in just my knapsack, which felt like a huge relief. I definitely have some links to work out but I am a fan!

New Landscape Paintings and Some Thoughts on Comparison

Since the new year I have been working towards new goals for my artwork. The past year recovering from my pregnancy and James’ birth have been one of exploration and joy in finding a new medium, new skills, new inspirations. As my energy came roaring back, it felt like my body and hands were almost making up for the months and months of bed rest. Even though I was exhausted and grappling with two kids, my desire to paint was like a fuel and the moment they slept I was creeping up the steps to my studio, already mentally mixing paint colours.

Cat Portrait of Phee

I finished this portrait commission of my cousin’s cat this week. It was sweet to remember her and spend time staring at her face, as I knew Phee for many years via our mutual visits to the cottage. My dad’s side of the family are big cat lovers (and so was my dad!). Plus, how cute is this pose from their favourite photograph of her?! Also, she loves the painting and I am so happy that it can be a sweet memento of Phee in their home. Feel good feelings all around!

Embroidered and Mended Shirtdress

I finished mending this beloved dress today so that I can wear it tonight to teach visible mending at Needlework! The original dress was made in 2014 for me to wear to my bridal shower. I used some Martha Negley quilting cotton (from Needlework!) and the Darling Ranges dress pattern (by Megan Nielsen). It has been in the top favourite dress pile since then, but it was starting to show (a lot!) of signs of wear. There was fraying around the neckline, many of the buttonholes had frayed and ripped larger, it has faded and some of the seams had started to loosen or unravel.

Sister Brunch: Work in Progress

This painting was an unexpected test of my perseverance and commitment. Ha! I guess the better you know someone’s face, the harder it is to detach yourself and paint what you see. And in the end, I didn’t. I made some choices where I decided my version looked more like Brenna than the actual photo of Brenna and I have no regrets!

March 26th 2019: Day in the Life

I want to preface this “Day in the Life” with some perspective. This was both an “easy day” because Molly was in daycare, which happens twice a week, and a “hard day” because Jason was gone for most of it. It was also on the harder side because I am on the third day of a head cold and because James is fighting a stomach virus. My life normally has a lot of poo in it, but not quite this much! Haha!

Also, this was a very eye-opening exercise. I am often bewildered with what happened to my day, and lose track of accomplishments. When Jason asked about my day via text, I only mentioned the diaper accidents and not much else but I obviously managed and dealt with a lot! My reason for doing this was that I wanted a record of what life was like right now, since it’s a lot of chaos but also a lot of joy. Things are hectic and tiring and fun.