All in You Know What Makes Me Happy?

You Know What Makes Me Happy? Molly and my Mom

Many people know that my mom has been coming to help with Molly. Many people may not realize that she has actually been religiously coming on every day where Molly is home from daycare (3 times a week). She also arrives as early as she can, is driving from Toronto every day (at least a 45 minute trip each way, usually longer), tidies our house, does dishes and laundry, makes lunch for all of us, wrangles Finnegan and her dog Tucker, often brings meals or snacks, takes Molly out to the library or grocery store AND seems to have bottomless energy and patience for entertaining Molly with crafts, elaborate games, sledding, you name it! 

You Know What Makes Me Happy? The Cottage

We finally opened the cottage! It was so good to go up there. Even though we had to buy a roof carrier for the Jeep because we can't fit Finn in the trunk, the baby in the back seat and all of our baby stuff on the remaining chunk of the back seat. We didn't get a ton of time up there, since we arrived Saturday so that my mom and Brenna and her fiance could warm up the cottage before Molly arrived.

You Know What Makes Me Happy? Finnegan & Baby Bunny

Finn and Baby Bunny met today! They were so in love with each other. Finn was so cute and careful with the baby, always lying beside him and sometimes cleaning his hands (baby hands... tasty!)

While we were distracted with the baby, Finnegan ate a bowl of cheese slices, some spice cake with cream cheese icing, gummed up a baby teething toy, licked a baby, and licked some icing sugar off of my pants. He is NOT going to be feeling well later. 

You Know What Makes Me Happy? A Clean Studio

We are tidying our house up to sell it (Anyone looking for a house in the Hamilton countryside??). This means I cleaned my studio, which means I had to take pictures while it was tidy. Actually, usually it's pretty tidy, but I had been framing some prints and there was kind of a frame-packaging explosion on the studio floor. Also, I finally tackled the stack of unopened bank statements on my desk (phew!). 

The studio is definitely my happy place. Just being in it makes me feel like a "real" artist (I am a real artist). It's also so bright and cheerful. It makes me wish it had a couch, so my friends could all come over and just hang out while I paint. But even I know that that would end up with me...not painting. Haha.