Hot Water Bottles Smell Like Bi-Way Shoes

My sister came home from Australia, and brought my best friend and I the most perfect gifts ever. Hot water bottles. We have a long-standing attachment to these, and have since we started naming hot water bottles when we were teenagers. Barry Warm, Uma Thermal, Mel Titoes... the list of water bottle friends is endless.

The new additions are as yet unnamed, but if anyone has suggestions (Must be a first and last name and reference heat in some way) please feel free to post them. I am thinking Walter Heater for mine, but it's not confirmed yet. This drawing is not fully accurate. I will confess to not actually having cartoon bubble eyes. But we did spend a good ten minutes sniffing the rubber and reminiscing about the smell of the Bi-Way shoe department. In a way that made everyone else slightly uncomfortable until we sheepishly ripped our noses away from the rubber. Also, the water bottles came with crazy knitted designer cozies. One with a maniacal acorn-thieving squirrel on it and mine with a deranged and intensely creepy garden gnome holding what appears to be the sun. I obviously did not want to illustrate myself sniffing a creepy garden gnome, so I know you will all forgive me for my creative license.