Cubicle Survival Tips

I am currently ensconced uncomfortably at a desk in the most sterile office environment I have ever inhabited. This place is worse than the Dilbert Office, if only because it's not even funny. Here are the three ways I am trying to remain my own person today: 1. Don't look at the pattern on the cubicle wall fabric. It's there to numb your mind and make you a pod person.

2. Wear bright colours. This will remind you that you are an individual, and it will remind other people that someone sits at your desk. This is important so that nobody unintentionally squashes you flat. Or steals your pens.

3. Stretch or wave your arms around energetically sometimes while singing Classic Rock. This will help people to remember that you are a person, intrigue them, and impress them if you can remember all the lyrics. Classic rock is a good choice because sometimes other employees are older, and you don't want to annoy them by singing Britney Spears because they can and will smite you if you irk them.

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