You Can. Have Too Much Soap.

My last blog post about this This Terrible Job. I wanted to include Office Robot, because he has been so friendly, but he can't go in the ladies washroom, so he couldn't be a part of this post. I am having a problem with the sink in the ladies room. It has automated sensors for water and soap, and the water and soap spouts are close together. The soap sensor is very sensitive, and the water one is as tricky as trying to get my aunt to stop making me green beans for Sunday night dinners.

The trouble is, every time I try to wash the soap off my hands, I accidentally squirt more soap out. The soap comes out pre-lathered, which is very nice until you have an entire wash basin of soap lathers and no water. The first time this happened I was there for about 5 minutes, panicking because there is also a sign that very politely says "Please wipe up the counter if there are any spills. Thank you."

Naturally, the only water visible is on the counter.

I've now built up a system where I lean far back and approach the sink from the right side, so that nothing can possibly set off the soap dispensor. I then waggle my fingers in front of the tap (carefully). This method meets with about 50% success.

I only got soap in my hair twice. I think I am doing well.

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