Bad Date Mac & Cheese

There are leftovers today, and they are Mac and Cheese from the Victory Cafe. In other words, aside from my mom's "Mackie Mokey", the best possible cheesy leftovers.

I knew from the moment we met that the date wasn't going to go well. We sat down and I ordered the best comfort food on the menu. Mac and Cheese. I needed it. Because nothing except cheesy noodly goodness was going to distract me from the hell I was settling in for. Maybe I should have some guilt about eating Free Bad Date Macaroni, but I can't really get to a good mental guilt spot right now. Instead, all I can think is:

1. This macaroni is SO GOOD. 2. It's basically double free (Because leftovers are like a free meal, and I didn't pay for the first meal anyways) 3. I still need the comfort of it, because I am still recovering from the bad date. 4. It was delivered by THE Victory Cafe waiter, you know, the guy with glasses who moves so fast he spills half your beer, but you don't care because he is obviously trying so hard. I like him.

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