Canada is Feeling Exceptionally Real Right Now.

I went for an early morning swim in the lake where our cottage is. There's nothing like floating along in the morning before hundreds of kids and boats and dogs are on the beach and making noise. I was out there for a while before my sister joined me in the water.

Interpretations of this image: 1. She is singing me an opera while I clap underwater. (Possible, but not accurate. I just can't draw surprised mouths that realistically.)

2. Canadian water is not as warm as Australian water.

3. She is saying "Canada is feeling Exceptionally, Excruciatingly Real right now. Very real. Exceptionally Real..." (In real life, she got hit by an icy wave, to my glee)

4.  This is the way I float in the water when it is hip deep... kind of awkwardly, with my hands kind of clasped and precariously balanced on my toes.

Like most of my drawings, this isn't totally accurate because in reality I was laughing at her for being a wuss and teasing her mercilessly, like all good sisters do.

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