Let The Little Dudes Eat Cake

Once upon a time, in a body that I refuse to admit is mine, there was a war. Basically, for 26 years, the mouth of the body wanted to eat sugar and bread and all the delicious sweet things that it felt like. It had apple crisp and pecan pie and a LOT of iced cappuccinos. There were some creatures that lived in the body's stomach that also ate apple crisp and pecan pie and iced cappuccino. The name of their tribe is the Yeasty Beasties.

The Yeasty Beasties were very happy. They had lots of nutrients and lots of sugar and lots of cheesies. They danced around and grew a huge and rather uncontrollable army. I like to believe they functioned as a democracy but I think it might have been free-for-all chaos.

But then one day the body didn't feel so good. It was tired and lethargic and deficient in a whole bunch of good vitamins. It wanted to sleep all the time but sleep didn't help. It felt cranky when it ate sugar and cranky when it didn't eat sugar.

Enter the Probiotics. Also enter a terrifying few weeks in which the body was denied everything that it liked to eat. During the war the body got sick, tired, and was plagued with headaches and nausea. But then one day, it woke up and thought, "THIS MUST BE HOW REAL PEOPLE WAKE UP".

Yes! It had energy and didn't have the slightest whiff of attitude problem it might have had before. It turns out that sugar and Yeasty Beasties can affect more than just your health, they can affect your personality. It's an uphill battle but maybe one day the body will be able to turn it's nose up at a strawberry milkshake!

Ha. There is no chance of that happening. But it makes a good story, doesn't it?

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