Feels Just Like I Keep On Walking On Broken Glass

On Monday, I broke a glass in my room, trying to reach too far across my desk to reach something.

I was already late for day one of a new job so I quickly swept up the big pieces, thinking "I'll vacuum this better later, when I get home". Right.

So the next morning I wake up feeling great, jump out of bed and impale my foot on glass.

I shower, try to stem the bleeding with a bandaid and prance off to work, thinking "I need to vacuum that better".

Two days after that, I wake up to awesome music, shower, leave the house, but run back in to grab my keys. As I run through my bedroom I impale my foot on a substantially huge chunk of yellow glass. I can't even get this sucker out, and in a panic, I just leave the house like that, grabbing a bandaid on the way out the door. And let me tell you, you can bleed substantially in a two minute walk to the bus stop. I had to THROW THOSE FLIP-FLOPS OUT. By now, I am cursing myself for not vacuuming yet and also bleeding profusely. As I write this I STILL haven't been able to carve the yellow glass out of my foot.

Which brings us to this morning. I know that I haven't vacuumed. I wake up feeling stuffy-nosed and like my brain is going to implode from sinus headache. I peer over the side of my bed, checking for glass. I know I should hop off the end of my bed to avoid any fragments but I am too achy and need to use the washroom too badly to do the smart thing.

My foot manages to find what I pray is the last piece of a never-ending fountain of glass. It slices open right under my toe. I sink to the ground, clutching at my foot and cursing. I can't scream because my roommates brother is sleeping right outside my door on the couch. So instead I scream silently (an art form my sister and I perfected at a young age).

Finally, I vacuum up the glass.

I would like to imagine I've learned a lesson from this about procrastination but this is probably the third time this has happened between broken glass and myself. I'm hoping that by writing about it, all of you can learn the lesson. If I can save even one person, it's worth it.

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