Unrequited Bus Love

I'm back on the 7:15 bus in the mornings, and my bus crush from March is still there. He's tall. He has glasses (like me!). He has no wedding ring. Apparently that's all I need to be infatuated.

No, it's not the one picking his nose in the back of the bus, although I do spend lots of time looking at that kid too. In horror. It's also not Scruffy Baseball Cap Guy, although he has positive moments in his muttered sarcasms to himself.

10 Awesome things about bus crushes:

  1. They are mysterious. Like how he's hiding behind his newspaper here.
  2. You only need to think about them for 11 minutes (or however long your bus ride is).
  3. Like waking up to a unexpected favourite song, it makes your day just a touch better. Even if only by distracting you from the fact that the kid in the back is picking his nose.
  4. No commitment. You can have unlimited bus crushes, and nobody will know (or care).
  5. You're already really good at sitting together in silence, which in a normal relationship takes a lot longer.
  6. You will never have that moment when you are dating someone where you realize they are an ignorant TTC jerk who never gives up their seat for pregnant women or old people. (You might roll your eyes at this, but that moment has happened to me at least 3 times.)
  7. You can give him whatever name you feel like. I tend to go exotic-romance-novel-style, like "Augustus" or "Jorge" or "Darius".
  8. You know they are reliable. Because they take the same bus every day. Not necessarily reliably on time... but reliable.
  9. No awkward conversation. Just glower into your coffee and send off waves of irritation and they will never approach. Which is good, because you will have coffee breath, anyways.
  10. You will probably subconsciously dress better to impress them, even though you are glowering. This might help you to meet someone AFTER you get off the bus.
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