They Say It's My Birthday

My birthday is today. I am 27. I spent the last week preparing for my birthday party and obsessively reading Katie Sokoler's Blog to avoid thinking about all the insanity which comes with being one year older. I was initially enamored of the idea of distributing Living In A Green Room personalized drawings as party favours, but due to Colour Me Katie, I decided I would ALSO love to have huge colourful flowers all over the walls.

This is why there have been scarce blog posts the last few days. I basically looked like this:

Notice the furrowed brow and kind of hostile, focused expression. I was intense. And a bit scary. I also roped my sister into cutting out many many green leaves through a combination of emotional blackmail and outright pleading.

Here are decorations in their final incarnations, including take-home drawings of the party guests...

Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing!!
Happy Bunny stretching on the light switch
Counting Flowers on The Wall
First day of drawing party favours.
My sister's red velvet cupcake contribution. THEY WERE AMAZING!
... and my friends made cupcakes that they decorated individually. The one with the 'A' is mine.
Flowers all around our majestic dog friend.
After all the guests were gone, we took this. So now you can all see that our hair actually does look the way I draw it for you guys.
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