Fall Clothing Hunger

It's September. This is how I usually look in September:

Frazzled, broke, happy, and carrying too many items of clothing through dimly lit stores with a feverish gleam in my eye. This fall it's even worse because my sister forced me to watch 500 Days Of Summer and I instantly wanted to have Summer's hair and wardrobe despite the fact that I have limp blonde hair and a way more voluptuous figure than Zooey Deschanel.

Nevertheless, as I run around grabbing up sweaters and tweed skirts and headbands (Thanks a LOT, Zooey. Headbands hurt me.) things in my mind look a lot different than the reality.

I see myself curled up in a huge sweater, looking adorable and pulled together despite my lack of pants.

I see myself with amazingly textured and expensive items thrown together into a magically wonderful and eclectic outfit in front of a forest full of lanterns, like in the magazines.

I love fall. It's my favourite season. It's like a great reminder that style exists after a summer too hot to blow-dry my hair in. Everything outside looks beautiful and a bit edgy. Everything inside looks cozier and warmer than it has for months.

Which is good, because I spent all my money on an awesome Mad-Men-inspired skirt and I can't go out with any of you until next April.

On a side note, you may have noticed me branching out my drawings a bit into photography and collage. I am just finding my voice, still! Do you like it? Not like it?

Photography for the collages is taken from Fashion Gone Rogue, Emmadime Knitted, and Smashing Magazine

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