Three Women Closing A Cottage


This weekend was cottage closing weekend for Mom, Brenna and I.

This has been a long and exhaustive process every year since my dad died when I was 17. A lot of the chores that my dad took on (putting up storm windows, cleaning eaves troughs, plugging holes in the roof, chopping firewood, etc) were suddenly dumped on three slightly uncoordinated and unwilling women.

Most years, this process also coincides with Thanksgiving (making a huge meal for tons of people and then cleaning it up) and Bad Weather (standing on a ladder in a hailstorm).

This year, we decided to close the weekend after Thanksgiving (something I am very thankful for) and it happened to be sunny and gorgeous all weekend!

There were still the normal pitfalls. Cleaning out the eaves troughs never fails to make me suddenly terrified of ladders to the point where everyone needs to stand and watch in case I fall three feet to the ground and break something. Like my pride.

I've been known to yell at people if they don't look like they are taking the job of gripping my ladder in a death grip seriously.

When I removed the front screens to replace them with storm windows, a huge (HEE-U-GE-UH) bulbous spider crawled around the window to sit where I needed my hand to go. Which caused a screaming and stomping freak-out that you can all imagine but never really know if you are mentally exaggerating.

We had animals in our roof/ceiling that my mom accidentally cleverly trapped inside when she nailed a board over the hole. This led to me jumping straight up in the air and punching the ceiling over my head later that day to get the animals to stop scratching their way through. Yes, I know they will now have tons of time to get through and eat all the stuffing out of our couch now that we aren't there to punch ceilings for the next few months. We will deal with that in the spring, as we always do.

Despite the turmoil, the weekend went fairly smoothly. Nobody has extra bruises, fewer limbs, or a headache. We might not have stopped the bathroom leak, managed to refill our firewood box, or removed the animals from the roof, but we are all still speaking , and I didn't crack and eat a tub of ice cream. Amen.

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