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Amanda Farquharson is a fine artist from Dundas, Ontario. Her work is cheerful, colourful, bright, and explores themes of nature, family, animals, and memory.

Blood, Cows & Weddings

Blood, Cows & Weddings

Wedding Dressing in a field

I came across some old emails between Happy Bunny & I and was reminiscing about our old adventures. So I illustrated one for you, so you can all feel like you were there, too!

In my first year of University, I was invited to a wedding on a farm. I brought Happy Bunny as my guest and we trekked out to the country in her dad's red minivan. We didn't know anyone and we were early.

But we were prepared.

We came with a tent that we spent every summer in, a blow-up mattress and a huge power air compressor to fill it. The arriving country people were pointing & laughing; some of them took photos of us struggling with our huge air mattress.  We were aware that there were cows around (we could see them and we could definitely smell them) but when one cow mooed at us, it was so loud and surprising to our suburban ears that we both jumped a foot. Which caused more people to take photos of us.  (Ironically, after all the laughing at our air compressor, some of them asked to borrow it later.)

We were sleeping in a field. Our air mattress filled the entire tent to the point where the tent walls were bowing out about a foot or more on every wall.

Have you ever gotten into nylons on a blow-up mattress in a tent in a field? Every time I bounced my hips to get the stockings over them Happy Bunny would fly up in the air, and lose her grip on whatever beauty product we were trying to apply.

I thought this was HILARIOUS and, as with all things, probably carried it too far. Plus, we were unaware that many other guests were arriving and setting up tents all around us and we were shrieking with laughter, grunting, and making all kinds of insane noises in our safe little bubble. Imagine our surprise (and embarrassment) when we unzipped our tent to a field of fellow wedding guests and a ceremony about to start.

The reception was in an emptied out Equipment Shed with a dance floor full of country dancers. All the guests volunteered to run the bar for an hour shift each and that mostly meant just cracking open beers and passing them to people from behind a table.  I forgot this part until I was reading back on the emails but I somehow slashed open my leg on the table and spent most of our bar shift limping around with blood running down my leg while Happy Bunny did most of the work. Honestly, I still can't open a bottle of beer without an opener so Happy Bunny was probably doing ALL the work.

We danced a lot and barely slept. Turns out, after open bar a ton of people thought it would be fun to make grunty noises in their tents. All night. Then we woke up super early to cow noises alarmingly close to our heads and made our escape before there was a cow rampage. Which in hindsight seems unlikely, but in the moment seemed like a huge threat.

Background image from just.my.photography2008.

Camping in the Side Yard

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