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"But does he know about the Neti Pot?" ".....No."

"But does he know about the Neti Pot?" ".....No."

Neti Pots Aren't Easily Hidden

Sorry for the huge delay in posting.  I am notorious for having the immune system of a diseased and partly decaying rodent and spend most winters in a kleenex box. Which is where I have been for the last few weeks.

Today I received a letter from Hitoko, who had this to say:

And although I cannot say I have slept with you + your sniffles, I can say I have worked next to you + your sniffles - for like 6 months! Now, I ask, as a true indication of the ultimate test of love that I deem possible - can he do the Neti Pot? :D Ha ha ha! Now, there's material for a blog if there ever was one! So funny.

And there it is. The ultimate truth. I have been hiding the Neti Pot from Jay.

When Hitoko and I worked together, I was in a continual state of runny nose, sneezing and dry cough. I easily plowed through a box of kleenex a week and our tiny room of 5 women was well aware of every allergy & cold.

I have never been a stoic sick person. I don't even think I know what those words mean together.

Our one coworker would always tell me that I need a Neti Pot. A Neti pot is basically a tea-pot like container that you fill with salty water and pour up your nose. The water goes into your sinuses and comes out the other nostril.


My horror at this idea was all-consuming. I could not imagine EVER putting salty water up my nose. I have had that happen by accident and I was pretty sure my brain was melting and that I would never be able to breathe again. I also have a huge fear of drowning and this seemed like just ASKING for trouble. Who cares that the salty water cleanses your sinuses and strengthens your immune system? Water up the nose feels like hell and feeling like hell is the opposite of my life philosophy.

On our last week together, that coworker gave me a Neti Pot as a gift. Although I am an adult person who normally accepts gifts very graciously, I was flummoxed. I couldn't even look at it. I shoved it in my bag and pretended that it wasn't there, even though Hitoko kept pulling it out and laughing at me.

I took it home and tried it. It works great. It's definitely a weird feeling but it also dries up your sinus cavity and cleans you out. I just have one piece of advice: Do NOT look in the mirror, for ANY reason, while using it. I was so shocked and disgusted that I snorted half the pot of water straight up my nose and down my throat where everything burned for 30 minutes.

I now use it fairly regularly, and it's a (slightly weird but) mostly really good gift. But I have never shown Jay, probably since it's the least sexy and appealing item that I own and I would like to delay scaring him away as long as possible. But now I am blogging it and it's all gonna go downhill rapidly.

Hitoko included a homemade jigsaw puzzle for me in her letter, wrapped in a kleenex. It was a picture of this when all put together. She's a true friend. I blew my nose in the kleenex and I'm off to use my Neti Pot right now.

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