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Amanda Farquharson is a fine artist from Dundas, Ontario. Her work is cheerful, colourful, bright, and explores themes of nature, family, animals, and memory.

I Try To Tell Myself That It Only FEELS Like Wheat Is In Everything

I Try To Tell Myself That It Only FEELS Like Wheat Is In Everything

Day dreaming and I'm dreaming of wheat.

I stopped eating wheat. I think it's been about a month. Maybe 6 weeks. Or maybe more than a year. It feels like more than a year.

I dream about it. My friend Kristi made a waffle puppet and then I had a dream that there were waffles speaking to me and demanding I eat them before they get cold.

I'm trying to be adult about it because I look at Ashley, my new coworker-in-crime, who is gluten free (way harder) and vegan (WAY harder) and she seems fine. She even seems...happy. Motivated. Energetic.

Which isn't quite how I feel sans wheat. I feel more like...resentful. I can breath through my nose (most of my sinusitis is gone) but I mostly use that new nose air to sniff wistfully after loaves of bread.

It's my fault that I have this wheat problem. I ate too much wheat as a teenager. Seriously, you might THINK you ate lots, but I ate a whole huge bag of puffed wheat every single day for years. After a couple years every time I had a bowl of puffed wheat I would curl up in agony afterwards as I tried to digest it. Then when the agony ended I would go get another bowl.

Farquharsons are stubborn.

I eventually had to stop since I couldn't function as a person anymore so I switched to rice cakes. But after about two years I could eat wheat again and went right back to puffed wheat with a vengeance. But then after 6 months the pain came back and I had to stop again. Then I tried with Kashi. And Saltines. And Kashi again.

Anyways. Now all wheat hates me.

I've been replacing my old wheat consumption with tea and crystallized ginger and corn thins. Which isn't the best solution but it could definitely be worse. Could be pop and pop rocks and fudge.

But yeah. I guess its worth it. If not feeling constantly ill and being able to breath through your nose are things that matter to you.

Have you given up any foods? Any advice on how to make it easier?

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