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Amanda Farquharson is a fine artist from Dundas, Ontario. Her work is cheerful, colourful, bright, and explores themes of nature, family, animals, and memory.

Happy Bunny & Matt: Puppet Edition

Happy Bunny & Matt: Puppet Edition


Yesterday Happy Bunny got married! Aaaaaaand: finally I can reveal the gift that Jay and I made for them! I figured out what I wanted to make right after they got engaged: puppets of themselves.

Back then I hadn't made puppets professionally.

I also had two years ahead of me to figure it out.

So of course I wait until 4 months beforehand to get started.

The last months have been kind of insane. If you are one of the friends who thinks I have ditched them, never fear! You have me back! People can come to my apartment again and not get stabbed by pins in the couch. My dining table is once again a dining table.

Yup. Life is great.

Back in February, Robin of Still Motion Image set up a photo booth at a party we were having and Happy Bunny, Matt, Robin, Allison, Brenna, Jay & I all took a picture with "muppet faces" which is hilarious and that I love. Robin agreed to set up the photo booth again to document the new puppet versions of Happy Bunny and Matt, so we all got together to re-take the original photo. 





We delivered the puppets the night before the wedding and their reception was awesome. It's so great to give gifts to people who appreciate the time that went into them and I definitely felt that they are appreciated and have gone to the best possible home. I also have some pictures as keepsakes (courtesy of Robin's genius).


The wedding was a complete blast. The bridesmaids were beautiful and supportive, the Bride was gorgeous and glowing. The groomsmen were hilarious and so handsome in their tuxedos. Matt morphed into "Wedding Matt" and was the absolute life of the party. The speeches made me cry and the we all danced until we were forced to stop. Can you ask for anything better than that???

Congrats to Happy Bunny and Matt! You are one of the best couples I have ever known. Love you both!!!

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