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Amanda Farquharson is a fine artist from Dundas, Ontario. Her work is cheerful, colourful, bright, and explores themes of nature, family, animals, and memory.

Pine River Cheese: Best Cheese. Biggest Cheese Curd Shortage.

Pine River Cheese: Best Cheese. Biggest Cheese Curd Shortage.


Pine River Cheese is the best cheese.

I say this because I have a cottage near the factory where Pine River Cheese is produced and I have eaten it almost my entire life.

Until last year. When the cheese factory BURNED DOWN.

This led to an epic autumn car chase through the city of Toronto in search of 'The Cheese'. It culminated in a showdown in Loblaws near Scarlett Rd. where I spotted two tiny packages on the top shelf and Brenna leaped for my throat across the dairy aisle. I lost the last package to her feral growling.

During the winter, I suffered. There was no cheese that could compare. I tried to settle for mediocre mozarellas and cheddars. It was hard. I mourned the cheese.

I joined the Facebook Page for Pine River Cheese so I could avidly follow the rebuilding process of the factory.

I explained to Jay many many times about the cheese store that I dream about that burned down. (Eventually, after the factory opened again, we realized that they sell this cheese near his house in Hamilton and HAVE BEEN SELLING IT THERE ALL WINTER. I know. Totally freaked when I realized.)

They re-opened in the spring and it's been amazing. Truly. All I needed was the cheese.

But for Brenna, it's all about the cheese curds. A fine, chunky, squeaky cheddar cheese curd is beyond price. The Pine River Cheese Store, although it's now open, is not producing cheese curds just yet.  Brenna's summers are intrinsically tied to cheese curds. She's a bit lost when we stand in the store. Normally she would be hovering around the cheese curd stand, poking the curds and judging which ones would have the best squeaks. Now she just wanders listlessly from one sign that explains that there are no cheese curds to the next.

Cheese Curds. We are waiting. But in the meantime, there is Gouda.

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