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Welcoming the New Year Blanket Fort Style

Welcoming the New Year Blanket Fort Style

Blanket Fort

Welcome to the new year!

This isn't an image of me with darker hair. I am still blonde, never fear! But I did spend quality time this week in a blanket fort, watching Harry Potter movies and working on this illustration.

So it's fair that I use a small portion of it to welcome 2012 into my life.

Every year I write down things that I learned through the year. This will be the first year that I will be doing this on the blog, so I am going to cap it at ten items. I of course learned so many more things this year than I can possibly list here, but it's a taste of the bigger things that happen behind the frivolity that I normally share here.

  1. I fell in love for the first time.
  2. I learned to be myself around others more than ever before.
  3. Thanks to Danette and a plethora of self-help books, I realized that I am a Renaissance Soul and having multiple interests is just fine.
  4. I figured out that I can draw. And then that I can paint.
  5. I learned how to make mind maps and became completely obsessed.
  6. I feel that I am coming into my own as an artist. Each illustration is an improvement on the last and I see an aesthetic forming that I am increasingly comfortable with.
  7. It takes a lot to keep me occupied.
  8. I was reminded of the immense pain of losing the ones we love as I lost two beloved family members and our 24 year old cat this year.
  9. I became a tea freak. It's a serious problem.
  10. Slowly fostered and worked out a plan for becoming an illustrator. Embracing a dream is hard, and sharing dreams is even more complicated and terrifying. I only know one way to accomplish things, and that's to throw myself off the cliff and figure out the landing on the way down. I'll keep you posted.

2012 seems so empty and full of possibilities, stretching ahead of me like a huge blank canvas. Some years I come through the new year knowing exactly what my life will be like. I imagine all my hopes for this year, and there are so many maybes, so many variables. It's all so up-in-the-air and uncertain. I am going to try to embrace that, since I can't do anything about it.

What did you learn in 2011? What do you hope for in 2012?

And if not that... what blog posts would you like to see?

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