As I Draw: Prepare (Illustration Friday)

Illustration Friday for the word "Prepare"
Illustration Friday: Prepare behind the scenes in-process shots.
Illustration Friday Watercolour for Prepare

Illustration Friday is a website which suggests a weekly topic/word for Illustrators to all try their hands at and then everyone uploads a link to one place and can view each others interpretations. This week Kelly and I decided to give it a whirl so I bundled up and headed to her house to draw up a storm while munching on tortilla chips and talking about our favourite types of erasers. She and I are secret twins since we both love puppets and illustration. AND my middle name is Kelly. Unfortunately, she has a real twin...

The word for this week is "Prepare", so I thought hard about what I spend the most time preparing for. And it seems like sunscreen is the kicker. Sunscreen takes FOREVER and makes building sand castles involve such a huge amount of prep.