You Know Who Makes Me Happy? My Mom.

Mothers Day Farquharson Women Illustrated by Amanda Farquharson

It's Mother's Day tomorrow! I just wanted to write a short post to tell you all about how amazing my mom is. The illustrated picture is of  my mom with Brenna and I at roughly the ages of 9 and 6. I feel like some of my most poignant memories of my mom were at this age. I still remember watching her get ready to go out to dinner with my dad and curling her hair, putting on lipstick and perfume and fancy shoes and being in awe of how beautiful she was (and still is).

My mom is my most faithful blog reader and commenter. She's one of the first people I call for advice, feedback, and sanity checks. She listens to every story I tell, even when they have no point. She has learned something about every passion I have thrown myself into headfirst, from  hat making to photography to blues harmonica. She is generous with her time, love, and support. She never ever played favourites with Brenna and I. She gave  Brenna and I confidence in our ability as women to think for ourselves, stand up for what we believe in, and travel our own paths. I absolutely took these things for granted as a kid, but as I grew older I slowly realized that not every parent's love is unconditional and not every mother is as accepting, patient, and inspirational as mine.

So many things about myself or my view on the world come from watching how she deals with people, stands up for herself, tells stories, laughs, cries, unconditionally loves her siblings, mourns, heals, and overcomes adversity. I only hope that one day I will be as strong of a role-model.

Happy Mother's Day!