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Amanda Farquharson is a fine artist from Dundas, Ontario. Her work is cheerful, colourful, bright, and explores themes of nature, family, animals, and memory.

Heroes & Spiders

Heroes & Spiders

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This post has three (related-ish) parts which culminated in this drawing.

Jay: Spider Killer & Hero

Our mudroom is infested right now. The other day I counted 29 spiders, just from my position of safety on the other side of the door. I HATE SPIDERS. One time I had the mother of all meltdowns outside of a spider-infested hotel and Jay went through every single room and hallway on the way to our room and killed every spider while I stood in the middle of the street, sobbing. And he still loves me! That's how you know it's true love. My crying face is NOT pretty. 

Tolkien Overload

I decided to start watching all of the Lord of The Rings Extended Cut Bonus features about three weeks ago. We bought the extended trilogy more than a year ago, and it seemed a waste to not watch all of it. I'm not sure what I expected, but it wasn't the 25 or so hours of extras that I have now ploughed through. That's not including the movies, and the fact that I went back and revisited The Silmarillion. Eeesh. Tolkien loved huge spiders. And the spiders never seem to die? They just slink out of reach and heal up again. Or something. Typical spider strategy, right there. The bastards. 

Thank You Cards

I wanted to make some Thank You cards for my Etsy shop. I was leaning towards adorable animals or something but too many spiders and armoured men have been in my head lately, so that's what ended up happening. But I feel like this could actually be a good thank you card? On the front it could be like "MY HERO!!!" (but maybe with fewer exclamation points) and on the inside it could say "thanks". Then I can keep 500 in stock and give one to Jay three or four times a day, when he kills spiders for me. 

Possibly I am taking the advice "make products that you would want to buy" too seriously. 

But lots of people hate spiders. Right?

Jay says I should just have the knight, and no spider. But then I had the idea of doing a whole series of illustrations with the same knight and spider... like the knight could stab this ridiculously small spider with his sword. Or the spider could fly at enemies on the knight's arrows and scare them to death. 

Any words of advice? Should I stick to just the knight?

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