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Amanda Farquharson is a fine artist from Dundas, Ontario. Her work is cheerful, colourful, bright, and explores themes of nature, family, animals, and memory.

Popcorn Sweater and Musings on my Wardrobe

Popcorn Sweater and Musings on my Wardrobe

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I finished my new popcorn sweater last night - I haven’t blocked it yet, I imagine it will grow a bit in length and width, as washable wools tend to do! I’m very happy and excited to wear it.

I’ve been struggling with my wardrobe since having James. I still really passionately care about sustainable, ethical fashion but my clothing size has changed AGAIN (and is probably about to change some more?) to a size that falls just outside the available range on most clothing patterns or ready to wear clothing. Lots of my handmade clothing from the last few years is showing some serious wear and tear, maybe to the point where I should stop mending it and let it go. I don’t really have the time to sew a whole new wardrobe (especially if it also soon won’t fit?).

I am just finding it impossible to find clothing that:

  • is plus sized

  • is cute and comfy and suitable for parenting/teaching/painting

  • is ethical

  • is sustainable

  • Natural Fibers

  • is designed for tall people

  • is within our budget

It’s been demoralizing in the extreme. And since I have watched the “Tidying Up” show on netflix, I’ve been looking at my closet with a critical eye. Even though I love some of the items, they do NOT spark joy if they don’t fit. I don’t know, should I get rid of them? Save them in case I fit them again?

Even thrifting items that fit all of the above criteria has been difficult (It’s the tall thing, most clothes in my size just don’t seem geared to my height or have been shrunk through their time in people’s closets.) It doesn’t help that I am not even sure I know what’s flattering on my current body shape.

I think the best choice right now is to let my ideals slip a little (for a while) and just pick items that I can afford and that make me feel good and happy to leave the house (because frankly, feeling good about leaving the house has NOT been the case every day). I just can’t do it all right now, and that’s a hard thing to accept. But I can focus on making a couple items that are really special (like this sweater!) when I am able to and just embrace that building up a wardrobe that fits and makes me feel good is going to take time.

Does anyone else experience these feelings too? Especially in the years where you are having children? I’m definitely curious to know how everyone else navigates the challenge of fitting a constantly drastically changing body shape. I would also love to hear any suggestions for online or local shops that might have options for me?

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