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Grocery Store Plants Are My Secret Favourite?

I bought a pot of these huge yellow mums at the grocery store the other day. When Molly was about one and a half I guess she and Jason went to the grocery store and he said offhand “I guess we should buy some flowers for mummy!” and then for about half a year she would say that exact phrase every time we went in the store. And now even though she is four and hates the grocery store, every time I walk in and see the flowers I think “We should buy some flowers for mummy! Yep. And we will. Bahaha!” (Sometimes I say that all out loud including the evil laugh and people give me side eye).

Botanical Sketchbook: Bleeding Heart (Lamprocapnos Spectabilis)

This bleeding heart plant came with our house and grows (grew) along the side of the garage. Shortly after I took the photo references in 2017 my husband and father-in-law dumped a bunch of dirt on it during the winter without asking me and destroyed it. (And then my husband had the nerve to suggest to me that we should invest in more perennial plants. Grrr.) I’m still hopeful it will come back one day!

White Oak Leaf Botanical Watercolour

Just posting about a watercolour commission I did for Christmas (It's so hard to not spill the beans on top secret commissions, especially when I love them this much!!). This is a White Oak Leaf botanical watercolour that I made for a family whose beloved White Oak tree is slowly dying. It means a lot to me, too, because they live on the street that my mom's family grew up on and I spent a lot of time as a child playing under the shade of this tree! 

Abalone Pearl Peony Botanical Watercolour

The botanical name for this flower is Paeonia 'Abalone Pearl', and it was my favourite peony from my trip to Peony Garden in Hamilton. 

We're well into the hottest days of summer, now. I went swimming twice yesterday (while, um, waiting for the paint on this flower to dry?). Our neighbours claim they don't mind if I come over twice in one day, but I will try not to make a huge nuisance of myself. Having a pool 100 yards away is a temptation I can't fight. 

Double Pink Peonies

Double pink peonies, which I sketched and photographed from Peony Garden in Hamilton.  Jay dropped me off there one afternoon and I wandered all over the property, sketching and taking reference photos. They have SO many gorgeous flowers, I was overwhelmed! This is called a double pink peony, which is the one that comes to mind for most people, I think, when they think of peonies.