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Sister Brunch: Work in Progress

This painting was an unexpected test of my perseverance and commitment. Ha! I guess the better you know someone’s face, the harder it is to detach yourself and paint what you see. And in the end, I didn’t. I made some choices where I decided my version looked more like Brenna than the actual photo of Brenna and I have no regrets!

A Chicken and a Fly

Halloween 2006, I was working for a family friend making soft props (drapes, bedding, pillows) for movies. Sharon had tons of crazy costumes hanging all over her studio. Every day, I would stare at them longingly and when Halloween came, I asked if I could borrow them to give out candy.

That's the Face of a Man Who Appreciates Prosciutto

I absolutely love weddings. I never fail to enjoy myself. Well, actually, that's true of my personality in general, but I ESPECIALLY enjoy myself at weddings. Jay (and Brenna and HER Jay) helped my good friends Eliana and Mark tie the knot this weekend. I had to share this picture because it's one of the best ones we have taken in a while! Jay looks so happy because he just ate only the prosciutto parts of a dozen prosciutto-wrapped breadsticks.

You Know Who Makes Me Happy? My Mom.

It's Mother's Day! I just wanted to write a short post to tell you all about how amazing my mom is. The illustrated picture is of my mom with Brenna and I at roughly the ages of 9 and 6. I feel like some of my most poignant memories of my mom were at this age. I still remember watching her get ready to go out to dinner with my dad and curling her hair, putting on lipstick and perfume and fancy shoes and being in awe of how beautiful she was (and still is).

Oatmeal: The Homemade Napalm

Welcome to the worst oatmeal experience of my life. 2 Days ago. And no, nobody could make this shit up. It starts with me making oatmeal. In a skirt.

I did all the right things. I emptied the little packets into the bowl. I boiled the water. I added the water to the bowl. I stirred. I grabbed my spoon & oatmeal and walked out of the kitchen.


Elton, Billy, and a Hysterical Sobbing Fit

I grew up listening to Elton John, Billy Joel, and Van Morrison. Every memory of my childhood, every significant event in my life is tied to a song of theirs. I remember the lyrics to everything and I can sing almost every song. When Brenna flew to Australia I sobbed my eyes out very pitifully to "Daniel" for about 4 days straight. And when I finally got over that, I sobbed my eyes out to "Rocket Man" for reasons I still don't fully understand.