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Updated 2014: Where to Eat Gluten Free in Hamilton, ON

Eating Gluten Free (especially if you have Celiac Disease contamination issues) is never easy. I have lived in Hamilton for a couple years now, and although I don't know ALL the places, here are some local restaurants where you should be able to eat safely. This list has been updated from last years blog post, with new restaurants I have tried and some recommendations from people who have emailed me. Thanks for all your suggestions!

Where to Eat Gluten Free in Hamilton, ON

Eating gluten free in Hamilton was a challenge for me, especially moving here as a newly diagnosed Celiac. There are a TON of great restaurants in the city, but it seemed like every one of them was fraught with contamination danger issues, and we mostly ate at home, with some stressful and sometimes disastrous forays into the world of eating out.  

I've lived here a year, now, and although I'm definitely not the most qualified to be writing this list, I would have been thrilled to find a blog post like this when I moved here. Hopefully this will help some of you fellow Hamiltonians and gluten free visitors to eat safely!  I will save gluten free bakeries and grocery shopping for future posts.

Sans Gluten: Homegrown Hamilton

Homegrown Hamilton is an adorable, way-larger-than-it-looks-on-the-inside, Celiac friendly restaurant/bar/brunch place in Hamilton. I was dead sure that there was nowhere to brunch in this city when we moved here and I got diagnosed as Celiac at the same time. My lifelong friend (and Hamilton local!) Jennie buckled down and found Homegrown Hamilton, and it was absolutely delicious and -- most importantly -- safe!

Sans Gluten: Cardinal Rule (Toronto)

Cardinal Rule is an awesome restaurant. Their brunch is my favourite, and was my favourite even before I was diagnosed with Celiac. I am happy to feature them in a new series I am doing on Gluten-Free living called "Sans Gluten". This will cover restaurants, recipes that work for me, and anything else that comes up like tips for eating out or feeding your friend who just found out she's Celiac, or whatever!

Coming to Grips with Celiac Disease

I was recently (finally) diagnosed with Celiac Disease. This follows 12+ years of anemia, nutritional deficiencies, nausea, occasional depression, extreme heartburn, and the development of a few auto-immune diseases that I will now have for life. I have really mixed emotions about my diagnosis. I am SO relieved to have an answer. You can't fight a monster that you can't see and I am more than capable of taking care of myself in a way that will satisfy both the Celiac and my life. I am thrilled that it's not something worse. I am excited to learn how to bake in a way that I can digest. I can't WAIT to see what my life is like with a body that is absorbing nutrients and functioning like everyone else's.