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Finnegan Updates: Having a Dog

So it's been a while since we got Finn. Not a year yet, but it feels like he's been here forever. At home, I call him "The Finnzo". To the point where he probably thinks that's what "Finn" is short for, now.  

I wanted a dog for so long, but I also knew that many people get dogs and then lose interest after a little while. I was worried that would happen, but it hasn't. If anything, Finn and I are more mutually obsessed with each other every day. Everything that makes him happy makes me happy, too. Dog parks are a regular part of our weekends, now. Finn learned how to give hugs and high fives, making him an ideal coworker.

Double Pink Peonies

Double pink peonies, which I sketched and photographed from Peony Garden in Hamilton.  Jay dropped me off there one afternoon and I wandered all over the property, sketching and taking reference photos. They have SO many gorgeous flowers, I was overwhelmed! This is called a double pink peony, which is the one that comes to mind for most people, I think, when they think of peonies. 

What Finnegan Ate: Glue

Oh man, was he ever smacking his lips after this one. Really... because they were stuck together. I left him in the studio for a minute while I used the bathroom and could hear that he was eating something... URGH. This time I managed to get photographic evidence.

What Finnegan Ate: Cat Food

I am totally ashamed of how much cat food Finn has eaten. If I forget for even a split second that I left the cat food on the floor, he's off like a rocket through the house, on a beeline for the cat food, and he can eat an entire bowl in under 5 seconds. It's a whole other story, though, when the cats go sniffing around HIS food. We make him sit and stay for a while waiting for his food, but sometimes when he is waiting patiently the cats get curious about what smells so good and you should see his whole furry body quivering in indignation when they get near it!

What Finnegan Ate: Chunks of Trees

I'm cool with Finn eating trees. He doesn't swallow most of it, he just loves to destroy it and drag it around and chomp on it and then spit out mulch all over the place. He's a mulch machine! Before Jay mows the lawn, he rounds up all the sticks and twigs on the grass and piles them in the wood shed, where Finnegan goes and finds them and drags them all over the lawn and chews them into mulch.

As I Draw: Mirror (Illustration Friday)

The word for Illustration Friday this week is 'Mirror'. The first thing that came to mind was that look on a cats face when they are looking at their reflection, but then I remembered this scene that happened in our house earlier this week, where Finn was looking at the cats and they were looking back at him, and everyone was doing the Wishbone head tilt. So. Cute.

What Finnegan Ate: Bees

When Finn ate his first bee, I totally panicked. Oh my god! Can they sting him from inside? What if it bites him! What if it goes up his nose! What if EVERYTHING! But then he was fine. In fact, bees are pretty much his favourite snack ever. He stalks them all over the yard and his mouth kind of opens, like a whale eating krill, and then closes with a snap. And then the bee is gone. We have so few bees now. I'm not complaining.

What Finnegan Ate: Birthday Cards

I turned 29, got a dog, and he ate my birthday cards. Actually, in the first week, he ate more than birthday cards, prompting this new blog series "What Finnegan Ate". Birthday cards aren't the worst thing ever, and I managed to catch them before he actually swallowed anything. Also, no harm was done, since I had already opened and read them and removed any money. Ha. But forget saving them, I guess. Brightly coloured envelopes are TOO MUCH temptation!


From the moment that we discussed me moving to Hamilton, it was understood that I am moving because I love Jason and want to be with him AND I GET TO HAVE A DOG. We (I) talked repeatedly about what would happen when we get a dog, how fluffy he was going to be, how happy we would be when we walked him, how cute he would be with the cats when they stopped hating each other...