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How Things Are Going #6

As most (all?) of you know, I am struggling. First, I just felt lots of self pity. Then, I assumed it was all kinds of terrible things. (For three measly sentences, let me tell you, that process took MONTHS.) Then, I went to a psychologist. She asked me if there is anyone in my family with seasonal depression. I said "Well, me, maybe. I sometimes have to sit in a UV lamp in the winter."

Christmas Puffin Loves To Steal Cookies Left Out for Santa

I have been too busy with commissions to make Christmas cards this year (sorry!!) but I did take the time this week to draw up this little Christmas Puffin. You can feel free to print him out and use him for personal use if you like! My little gift to you guys! You can also check out Christmas CowChristmas Ostrich and Christmas Sloth from previous years. 

My last commission goes out tomorrow and then I am officially focusing on all things Christmas! Our house isn't even decorated yet, I am so behind! Normally the kitties are already camped out under an overly tacky tree by now. And yes, those antlers the puffin is wearing? Look a lot like some I saw in the pet store for Finnegan. 

Happy Holidays, everybody!

Christmas Sloth

Today I threw everything aside (that's not true, I totally finished a house commission first) to draw this sloth. Sloth was the winner of the unofficial "suggestion box" for this year's Christmas card on my Facebook Page. Well, that and Puffins. Puffins I will definitely do next year. They have the most awesome faces. 

But not more awesome than this sloth!

I ordered the cards tonight, and they should arrive November 22nd. There are a limited quantity, but if you want to order some, let me know now! First come first serve and all that. It will be $15 for a 6 pack (either 2 of each: cow/ostrich/sloth OR 6 of one kind). Individual cards will be $4.00. 

My Grandparent's House

I painted this watercolour for my uncle as part of our Secret Santa gift exchange, it's a recreation of the house that my mom's whole family grew up in, in Toronto. Some of my earliest memories are of Christmas dinners in this house, and rolling down these little hills in my snowsuit.

Owl Egg Timers & Advent Calendars

Jay gave me this owl timer yesterday as part of an advent calendar. He's winging it (ha) every day, but doing a pretty good (if slightly costly) job! Today I got a book of Christmas themed logic puzzles. I LOVE LOGIC PUZZLES! AND CHRISTMAS! AND OWLS! AND ADVENT CALENDARS!

It's Christmas Season! Christmas Ostrich Says So.

Christmas Ostrich is my second animal themed holiday card! I drew Christmas Cow last year, and stayed pretty obsessed with him the entire year. I taped him all over my old office, at everyone's desk, and smiled every time I saw him. So this year, I buckled down in October to draw a Christmas animal buddy! Ostrich just came to mind because their necks are so cool and they have really funny faces and huge bodies. Also, she's incredibly easy to deck out with ribbons!

You Know What Makes Me Happy? Christmas Cow

I know it's early, but who can resist a Christmas Cow? He's so into his candy cane and his reindeer bells make me grin from ear to ear! I passed his likeness all around my office today and everyone's adoration of him made me super happy. When I was 13, I made a Christmas Cow ornament out of scraps of fabric my Grandma gave to me.