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James St North Map, Hamilton

It's done! I printed it, it looks super pretty and the paper feels so good. And it's on Etsy! 

I want to take a minute to thank Hamilton for being so welcoming. People have been absolutely great about a newcomer from Toronto joining the fold. I don't get out of the studio that often, but when I do I ALWAYS seem to run into someone I know (how is that possible? I feel like I only know 5 people. Are they just always on James St. North?). 

It's Christmas Season! Christmas Ostrich Says So.

Christmas Ostrich is my second animal themed holiday card! I drew Christmas Cow last year, and stayed pretty obsessed with him the entire year. I taped him all over my old office, at everyone's desk, and smiled every time I saw him. So this year, I buckled down in October to draw a Christmas animal buddy! Ostrich just came to mind because their necks are so cool and they have really funny faces and huge bodies. Also, she's incredibly easy to deck out with ribbons!

As I Draw: Roncesvalles Map (Finished!!)

You know what makes me feel awesome? Finishing something, framing it, and sending it out into the world. Or in this case, framing it and walking it down to Gurts where Matt praised it over and over again and is going to sell it to unsuspecting people who come in to buy frozen yogurt. Of course, this project isn't REALLY done since I am working on Part 2 (Fern to Geoffrey) pretty much nonstop. I can't help it. Now that I have gotten started, I am steamrolling ahead.