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Happy 32nd Birthday to Me!

I turn 32 on Sunday! 32 feels like a good birthday. I remember looking at my 32 year old friends when I was 25 or so and thinking "They have their lives together! 32 looks great!". Not so sure my life is necessarily "together", but it's not boring, anyways! 

Finnegan Turns Five!

Finnegan is five years old today! I realize this picture isn't the happiest ever, but Finn's face has only three expressions... happy/panting, sad/noble, and hungry/drooling. He's not actually sad... he just has resting sad face. 

How Things Are Going #1

Here we are, three weeks postpartum. Today was my first full day at home with Molly and the animals without Jay. If you asked me a week ago about Jay going back to work, I probably would have started sobbing but this week I felt finally ready. And it went okay! We cuddled lots, Molly didn't sleep the entire day (so no naps for me!) but we got outside twice to play with Finnegan and we listened to some oldies and we changed her outfit twice because Molly likes to pee while I am holding her legs up for a diaper change and I read romance novels on my e-reader while feeding her and pretended I felt somewhat like a real person. Jay came home early and I took Finn for a walk in the sunshine and then I really did feel like my old self! 

Waiting for the Baby & Embroidering Things

What a cute face!! I embroidered this picture after seeing the work of PartyO'Clock and Hooplastitch on Etsy. Except like all things Etsy, I felt like I could make it myself (plus, I have the time right now, since I am just sitting here, trying not to think about how uncomfortable I am, and waiting for the baby). Sooo.... having never embroidered really anything, I dove right in. And totally failed my first attempt. (Something crazy happened to the eyes... I don't know. It was unfixable.) The second go round I smartened up and did some outlines first, then some "base layer" stitches to show me the direction of his hair growth, and it all worked out MUCH better. I am so happy with it!

Abstract Painting #1 & Some Ramblings

Just felt like doing some abstract watercolours today! Sometimes it's nice to not paint anything specific... just let your thoughts and hands wander. All of todays exercises were quite small... about 6" square. This one makes me feel pretty happy. I wish it were huge so I could hang it on the wall! Maybe I will anyways. 

2014: A Year in Review

2014 was a tumultuous year for me (and, I think Jay, too). I started the year as a newly engaged person, full steam ahead on planning our wedding in May and sewing my wedding dress and having bridal showers and practicing braiding my hair.