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This Portrait of My Grandma

I can’t even believe I painted this! I have struggled with portraits for years. I only started oil painting 7 months ago (except one painting of an apple in high school). I only did my first self portrait 6 months ago. The glasses might be asymmetrical but I love this painting because it looks JUST LIKE my Grandma.


My Grandma had this one look... kind of a pursed lip, twinkly eye look. Like her lips were trying to portray disapproval but her eyes couldn't contain the mischievous soul that secretly found humour in the situation and was maybe poking it along a bit to see what might happen. 

She was a bit of a troublemaker. 

I was reminded by an email from my aunt (her daughter) that she died ten years ago today. 

Grannies and T-Rex Hats

This is an illustration for a potential Thank You card. I've been making a few lately, in hopes that once I have a bunch, I will be able to pick the best ones for printing. ​

​This time I remembered to scan in my painting at intervals to show you all my painting process. 

My Grandparent's House

I painted this watercolour for my uncle as part of our Secret Santa gift exchange, it's a recreation of the house that my mom's whole family grew up in, in Toronto. Some of my earliest memories are of Christmas dinners in this house, and rolling down these little hills in my snowsuit.

Old Ladies in Space

I love costume parties like I love loudly singing to myself on my bicycle. Which is to say: A LOT. Although I have a costuming background and was a seamstress for a few years, I am completely impatient and lazy when it comes to crafting my own costumes. The planning, patience and time required to craft a truly amazing outfit is beyond me. It's like there is an amazing sliding scale of standards in my mind that means that after one hour of labour on a costume for myself, I am suddenly willing to settle for being a paper bag princess. Every year.