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As I Draw: Roncesvalles Map (Finished!!)

You know what makes me feel awesome? Finishing something, framing it, and sending it out into the world. Or in this case, framing it and walking it down to Gurts where Matt praised it over and over again and is going to sell it to unsuspecting people who come in to buy frozen yogurt. Of course, this project isn't REALLY done since I am working on Part 2 (Fern to Geoffrey) pretty much nonstop. I can't help it. Now that I have gotten started, I am steamrolling ahead.

How Not To Wake Up On Moving Day

Do not wake up on moving day in a complete panic. Not that this is new news to me. I have woken up in panics before and it never ends well. But this time I was so sure I would wake up calm, trot over to Crema for a delicious Americano and sail back to my apartment ready to take on the day. Ha!

Instead my first thought as I opened my eyes was: "REMEMBER THAT TIME THAT YOU HAD THAT INCIDENT WITH THE CRISPY CHINESE NOODLES? You probably never got them all and when someone moves your bed they are going to find them AND JUDGE YOU!!!"