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Rousseau Aerial Photo Shadow Box

Welcome to this super fun and lighthearted and messy photo box idea I had! Oliver from O’s Clothes was gifted 35 black and white photographic prints which he sent out to 35 local Hamilton artists for them to interpret and change how they will, and when we are all done he will sell them for charity. I immediately envisioned something colourful and playground-like, because I drive through this area often (it is much more developed than in the original photo!) and we always pass this one elementary school with a big prominent playground visible from the road.

Updated 2014: Where to Eat Gluten Free in Hamilton, ON

Eating Gluten Free (especially if you have Celiac Disease contamination issues) is never easy. I have lived in Hamilton for a couple years now, and although I don't know ALL the places, here are some local restaurants where you should be able to eat safely. This list has been updated from last years blog post, with new restaurants I have tried and some recommendations from people who have emailed me. Thanks for all your suggestions!

A Retrospective Look at Moving & Big Life Changes

When I lived in Toronto, I was quite happy. I was also a writhing ball of stress, likely to lash out at any moment. I was in debt. I said yes to too many (fun) things. I was sick all the time (Celiac disease, colds, flu, pneumonia, etc). I worked like a maniac, trying to hold together my full time job and build my portfolio in the evenings. I worried about little things, too, like how I looked, what people thought of me, things I had said wrong, things people had interpreted wrong. I thought I was a morning person because I woke up every morning with a rush of adrenaline, ready to attack my day. I multi-tasked like it was my religion.

The move to the country was not something I ever wanted. In order to make it more palatable, Jay and I made some compromises. Back then, I was sure I was getting the short end of the stick (I am QUITE attached to my family and friends), but was too in love to care. The gist of the "deal" was that we would live in Hamilton instead of Toronto, but for that I would get to get a dog and only have to work part time at a "real" job, and the rest at home on  my art...

Where to Eat Gluten Free in Hamilton, ON

Eating gluten free in Hamilton was a challenge for me, especially moving here as a newly diagnosed Celiac. There are a TON of great restaurants in the city, but it seemed like every one of them was fraught with contamination danger issues, and we mostly ate at home, with some stressful and sometimes disastrous forays into the world of eating out.  

I've lived here a year, now, and although I'm definitely not the most qualified to be writing this list, I would have been thrilled to find a blog post like this when I moved here. Hopefully this will help some of you fellow Hamiltonians and gluten free visitors to eat safely!  I will save gluten free bakeries and grocery shopping for future posts.

The Makins House!

Hello, adorable and sunshiny house! I was excited to paint this one, because it's actually three houses all connected. It looks like brownstones in New York or something, but it's all in Hamilton! (Hamilton seriously has some awesome architecture). If you are interested in having a house portrait done, you can check out my pricing guidelines or my Etsy listing. ​

James St North Map, Hamilton

It's done! I printed it, it looks super pretty and the paper feels so good. And it's on Etsy! 

I want to take a minute to thank Hamilton for being so welcoming. People have been absolutely great about a newcomer from Toronto joining the fold. I don't get out of the studio that often, but when I do I ALWAYS seem to run into someone I know (how is that possible? I feel like I only know 5 people. Are they just always on James St. North?). 

As I Draw: Hamilton Map (Part 1)

I picked up working on the Hamilton Map again! This is the block of downtown Hamilton that contains the Armoury. And Parts Source. Ha. This block was a definite brain teaser to draw (and look at!) but it should make a lot more sense once there is some shading and textures added. 

You Know What Makes Me Happy? Clean Laundry on the Line

Sometimes it feels like it's always laundry day. (I'm sure that Allison and Robin thought so, too). Since moving to Hamilton, I've been enjoying laundry so much since I can hang it outside! Growing up, we had a clothes line, but it was in a sketchy area of our yard with so many spiders and I never trusted the clothes that dried outside. I would shake them a hundred times and then put them in quarantine and then forget them for a few months. It wasn't efficient.