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Popcorn Sweater and Musings on my Wardrobe

I finished my new popcorn sweater last night - I haven’t blocked it yet, I imagine it will grow a bit in length and width, as washable wools tend to do! I’m very happy and excited to wear it.

I’ve been struggling with my wardrobe since having James. I still really passionately care about sustainable, ethical fashion but my clothing size has changed AGAIN

Black and White Datura Blouse

I finished my first Datura blouse! I made my "wearable muslin" out of scraps from a maxi dress and my Black Swiss Dot Blouse so it's basically like I made this shirt for free (yay!). It's maybe a slight bit too big, but it was hard to tell in the making of it because Deer & Doe patterns don't go up to my size, so I was very much winging it and in many places redrafting it completely. So I will narrow down the shoulder and take in the sides a bit on the next version. 

Market Mix Darling Ranges Dress & Me Made May Update

This Darling Ranges dress has shown up in a bunch of Instagram photos already. I made it for my bridal shower and now can't stop wearing it. It is SO comfortable. And the pockets are PERFECT (you know what I mean... perfect depth, perfect placement... just PERFECT).

I have an addiction to this Martha Negley fabric collection. I can't stop making clothes with vegetables on them. I am finishing a radish dress from this same collection today. It's hard to see the details in these pictures, but the dress is covered in all things you would find at a farmers market... zinnia's, radishes, carrots, cherries... !

Me-Made-May 2014

There's this thing in the sewing-blog world called "Me-Made-May" where people who make their own clothes make a pledge in an effort to fully utilize and be more mindful of their handmade wardrobe items. I am planning to partake! Due to the wedding (Oh my god, one month away!) and a new job that requires only black and red clothing, I probably won't be able to wear handmade clothing every single day. The idea of the challenge is to pick something that is challenging to YOU, so I think 5 days will be challenging for me, since I only just started sewing my own clothing!