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Christmas Sloth

Today I threw everything aside (that's not true, I totally finished a house commission first) to draw this sloth. Sloth was the winner of the unofficial "suggestion box" for this year's Christmas card on my Facebook Page. Well, that and Puffins. Puffins I will definitely do next year. They have the most awesome faces. 

But not more awesome than this sloth!

I ordered the cards tonight, and they should arrive November 22nd. There are a limited quantity, but if you want to order some, let me know now! First come first serve and all that. It will be $15 for a 6 pack (either 2 of each: cow/ostrich/sloth OR 6 of one kind). Individual cards will be $4.00. 

You Know What Makes Me Happy? A Clean Studio

We are tidying our house up to sell it (Anyone looking for a house in the Hamilton countryside??). This means I cleaned my studio, which means I had to take pictures while it was tidy. Actually, usually it's pretty tidy, but I had been framing some prints and there was kind of a frame-packaging explosion on the studio floor. Also, I finally tackled the stack of unopened bank statements on my desk (phew!). 

The studio is definitely my happy place. Just being in it makes me feel like a "real" artist (I am a real artist). It's also so bright and cheerful. It makes me wish it had a couch, so my friends could all come over and just hang out while I paint. But even I know that that would end up with me...not painting. Haha. 

Grimm's Fairy Tales - 12 Dancing Princesses

I've been re-reading my Grimm's Fairy Tales book that I must have read hundreds of times when I was a kid. Some of the stories are TRULY ghastly. The last lines are frequently things like "And then they pecked out her eyes and she bled to death. And they all lived happily ever after." For some reason, when I was a kid, these endings didn't phase me in the slightest.