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One Year Anniversary and Molly is 3 Months Old!

Jay and I celebrated one year of marriage on Sunday night! My mom and my Uncle Andy took Molly for the evening (and a whole truckload of her stuff) so that Jay and I could go to dinner. We went to Blu, which is in Yorkville (in Toronto) and ate SO much and it was delicious (and they handled the gluten free thing wonderfully!). We even managed to mostly discuss things other than Molly! Yay! We also spent lots of time reminiscing about our first dates (because most of them were in Toronto!). 

How Things Are Going #2

I am writing this with Molly strapped to my chest in a Moby Wrap (listening to our three favourite songs on repeat... currently, 'Werewolves of London'). She is fussy for the second day in a row. It's raining. Finn is super stir crazy and the cats are hiding/hate me because we gave all the animals microchips yesterday. I want the sunny, flower blooming part of spring so badly that my heart aches. 

And yet... I feel okay? Good, even? I finished an embroidery project yesterday, despite having to hold Molly constantly the entire day. It felt so good to make something...

How Things Are Going #1

Here we are, three weeks postpartum. Today was my first full day at home with Molly and the animals without Jay. If you asked me a week ago about Jay going back to work, I probably would have started sobbing but this week I felt finally ready. And it went okay! We cuddled lots, Molly didn't sleep the entire day (so no naps for me!) but we got outside twice to play with Finnegan and we listened to some oldies and we changed her outfit twice because Molly likes to pee while I am holding her legs up for a diaper change and I read romance novels on my e-reader while feeding her and pretended I felt somewhat like a real person. Jay came home early and I took Finn for a walk in the sunshine and then I really did feel like my old self! 

2014: A Year in Review

2014 was a tumultuous year for me (and, I think Jay, too). I started the year as a newly engaged person, full steam ahead on planning our wedding in May and sewing my wedding dress and having bridal showers and practicing braiding my hair.

Anniversary: Niagara-on-the-Lake

We celebrated our 4th year of being together this weekend by going to Niagara-on-the-Lake (courtesy of an awesome wedding gift from our good friends - thank you guys!). I hadn't been to Niagara-on-the-Lake since I was a small kid and my aunt lived there. It's so cute! We stayed at the Pillar and Post, and ate a super delicious (perfectly gluten free!) dinner at The Cannery, which is a restaurant in the hotel. 

Growing a Baby

Jay and I are having a baby! We are so so excited. We told friends and family a few weeks ago, but I wanted to write more of my feelings about pregnancy here. I know I've been totally absent from this space for months... it was hard to write while morning sickness was running rampant and I am still finding it hard to have energy in the day for anything other than growing the baby.

Wedding Photobooth Pictures

Phew! I ploughed through these photos last night because I love you guys (and also photobooth photos). Yesterday we tidied our yard, opened gifts and maybe teared up a bit over some of the cards, and had long naps. Now we are off to the cottage for a week! If you would like your picture removed or to receive a higher quality digital copy of a certain photo, just let us know and we will figure it out when we get back.