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The String Under a Blanket Cat Game - Valentines Edition

Imagine I had a huge red-orange shag heart carpet? I CAN IMAGINE IT AND IT'S AMAZING.

Happy Valentines Day! I hand drew a version of this for Jay and it finally inspired me to blog because I absolutely LOVE this game. Basically, you get a huge long piece of twine or yarn, tie some stuff to the ends, shove it under a blanket, and then pull one end and watch your cats go crazy trying to catch the string. Here is an instagram video of our cats playing 'The Game'.

Heat Waves, All the Animals, and Sweat

We had a heat wave last week. I know you all know this, because it seemed to be affecting all of North America. We have a portable air conditioner, but that's about it as far as cooling off the house goes. Last week, the air conditioner started only really spewing out "kind of cooler than boiling hot" air. 

I should stop here to add that I have NO PATIENCE for being either hot or itchy. You know how some people become a different person when they haven't eaten on time or when they are under severe stress or whatever? Yeah, heat and itchiness are my triggers. 

Double Pink Peonies

Double pink peonies, which I sketched and photographed from Peony Garden in Hamilton.  Jay dropped me off there one afternoon and I wandered all over the property, sketching and taking reference photos. They have SO many gorgeous flowers, I was overwhelmed! This is called a double pink peony, which is the one that comes to mind for most people, I think, when they think of peonies. 

As I Draw: Mirror (Illustration Friday)

The word for Illustration Friday this week is 'Mirror'. The first thing that came to mind was that look on a cats face when they are looking at their reflection, but then I remembered this scene that happened in our house earlier this week, where Finn was looking at the cats and they were looking back at him, and everyone was doing the Wishbone head tilt. So. Cute.

Norman The Barking Squirrel

Stayed at Jay's two nights ago. Let me just preface this post by saying that I got completely attacked by a swarm of mosquitos that bit right through all my clothing and had super poisonous venom that has manifested in welts all over my body that are the size of a baby's fist. So yeah. Read this with an imagined extreme itchiness and you will begin to understand how insane I felt as all this was happening.

Demon Kitten Ninjas

Lucy & Mocha: 8 Months Old. Mocha (multi-coloured splotches), small, and terrified of everything. For fun she likes to do the Wishbone head-tilt and she is REALLY easy to confuse. She always looks at you like you just surprised the heck out of her for existing. Probably because when she turns her head away, she forgets you are there. Lucy (ginger) is smart and she is also a cat ninja. She uses her paws like human hands to pick things up and open doors.