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Little Blue Guy is Overwhelmed

This little dude is overwhelmed by his life. He has too many bills, too many to-do lists, too little time. Coincidentally, me too. I am going to start taking more time for myself. It's time to start turning off my electronics at 10:00 so I can sleep like a normal person. It would be even better if I ate proper dinners like the rest of the world. Plus, it would be so nice to just sit down and read sometimes? Reading is one of my absolute favourite things.

Illustration Inspiration: Abigail Halpin

Abigail Halpin is an Illustrator from Northern New England. She has an adorable illustration blog and a hilarious AND adorable comic blog, A Thousand Cups of Coffee. I have been following her work for almost a year, but only found the comic blog recently (How did I miss it? It's linked from the main page of the blog... sometimes I am blind, I swear.)

I Chews You - Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines Season is arriving again. There are no heart pictures this year, instead I decided to embrace the art of the eccentric valentine. Usually these weird valentines are things that I send to the people I love (Doesn't everyone compare their love for their mom with their love of onions once a year? Makes your eyes water with goodness and has tons of layers? No?)