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As I Draw: Roncesvalles Map (Part 2)

Plugging away at this! You can see I am working on one block at a time, mostly to save sanity. This is the intersection of Pearson and Roncesvalles in Toronto. I live a few blocks from here! It's been a really great project so far. I recognize that it's a huge undertaking and am trying to remember to not become obsessive. So that I can sleep. And eat things. And do my day job.

As I Draw: Roncesvalles Map (Part 1)

It's the first block of a map of Roncesvalles Ave (my neighbourhood). The bottom layer is a meshed together screenshot from Google Maps, the second and third layers are pink guidelines to help with my perspective and sketching out of the houses and buildings before I complete them with the top layer of black. In the final drawing, there will be many many blocks and all the under layers will be erased.