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A Letter About My Health, Pregnancy, and Motherhood

Dear friends and other readers,

Discussing negatives of pregnancy and motherhood can be tough. I always struggle with a feeling that by expressing what is hard I am somehow being ungrateful for all the good parts. The reality is that I've found motherhood and pregnancy to be the most challenging thing I have ever done, but not in any of the ways I would have expected before choosing this path.

Baby Update: 24 Weeks Pregnant

Today I am 24 weeks pregnant! Things with the baby seem to be going pretty well... ultrasounds show that the baby is healthy (and that it's a girl!). I was fully sobbing my eyes out from happiness in the hospital hallway after finding out it's a girl. I think I would have had that reaction no matter what sex the baby is, it was just so nice to know just one thing about the baby (babies are such a mystery until they come out and start having little personalities!). Jay was like "Um, other people in this hospital think something is terribly wrong, please stop crying like that." Ha! And then he quickly ushered me (sobbing the entire way) to the car.

Growing a Baby

Jay and I are having a baby! We are so so excited. We told friends and family a few weeks ago, but I wanted to write more of my feelings about pregnancy here. I know I've been totally absent from this space for months... it was hard to write while morning sickness was running rampant and I am still finding it hard to have energy in the day for anything other than growing the baby.