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Embroidered and Mended Shirtdress

I finished mending this beloved dress today so that I can wear it tonight to teach visible mending at Needlework! The original dress was made in 2014 for me to wear to my bridal shower. I used some Martha Negley quilting cotton (from Needlework!) and the Darling Ranges dress pattern (by Megan Nielsen). It has been in the top favourite dress pile since then, but it was starting to show (a lot!) of signs of wear. There was fraying around the neckline, many of the buttonholes had frayed and ripped larger, it has faded and some of the seams had started to loosen or unravel.

Black and White Datura Blouse

I finished my first Datura blouse! I made my "wearable muslin" out of scraps from a maxi dress and my Black Swiss Dot Blouse so it's basically like I made this shirt for free (yay!). It's maybe a slight bit too big, but it was hard to tell in the making of it because Deer & Doe patterns don't go up to my size, so I was very much winging it and in many places redrafting it completely. So I will narrow down the shoulder and take in the sides a bit on the next version. 

Radish Shirtdress

I finished my radish dress! This is from the same Martha Negley collection I blogged about yesterday. I wore heels in the backyard and was sinking deep into the ground every step. If you are coming to the wedding do not wear heels! It was a disaster! I could not stop laughing, running back and forth to the camera on my tiptoes like a lunatic. And then Finn escaped the backyard and I was running all over, shouting for him, on my tiptoes the entire time.