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As I Draw: Forward (Illustration Friday) (AND OFFICE ROBOT!!!)

This week's Illustration Friday post features Office Robot! I was reminded of him because I was going through all my old posts and I remembered how much I loved his little adventures! Those of you who don't recognize him should read some of the fanciful early Living In A Green Room posts featuring him. The word is "Forward", and that's where Office Robot is going! (Can't you see his pointing finger?)

Old Ladies in Space

I love costume parties like I love loudly singing to myself on my bicycle. Which is to say: A LOT. Although I have a costuming background and was a seamstress for a few years, I am completely impatient and lazy when it comes to crafting my own costumes. The planning, patience and time required to craft a truly amazing outfit is beyond me. It's like there is an amazing sliding scale of standards in my mind that means that after one hour of labour on a costume for myself, I am suddenly willing to settle for being a paper bag princess. Every year.