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A Retrospective Look at Moving & Big Life Changes

When I lived in Toronto, I was quite happy. I was also a writhing ball of stress, likely to lash out at any moment. I was in debt. I said yes to too many (fun) things. I was sick all the time (Celiac disease, colds, flu, pneumonia, etc). I worked like a maniac, trying to hold together my full time job and build my portfolio in the evenings. I worried about little things, too, like how I looked, what people thought of me, things I had said wrong, things people had interpreted wrong. I thought I was a morning person because I woke up every morning with a rush of adrenaline, ready to attack my day. I multi-tasked like it was my religion.

The move to the country was not something I ever wanted. In order to make it more palatable, Jay and I made some compromises. Back then, I was sure I was getting the short end of the stick (I am QUITE attached to my family and friends), but was too in love to care. The gist of the "deal" was that we would live in Hamilton instead of Toronto, but for that I would get to get a dog and only have to work part time at a "real" job, and the rest at home on  my art...

My Grandparent's House

I painted this watercolour for my uncle as part of our Secret Santa gift exchange, it's a recreation of the house that my mom's whole family grew up in, in Toronto. Some of my earliest memories are of Christmas dinners in this house, and rolling down these little hills in my snowsuit.