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Abstract #6 + Some Life Musings

I recently discovered Yupo paper... it's actually plastic (and many of you might know that I actually really dislike most plastic things for environmental reasons). It's kind of nice though because if you mess up, you can wipe the entire thing off with...

Abstract #3

I made the move onto bigger paper and it feels so good! Now I want even bigger paper! This one is 12 x 16. I feel pretty happy with this one. I tried to be braver with paper size, colour saturation and messiness. I still have lots of room for growth, obviously, but I feel like I would buy this?

Abstract Painting #1 & Some Ramblings

Just felt like doing some abstract watercolours today! Sometimes it's nice to not paint anything specific... just let your thoughts and hands wander. All of todays exercises were quite small... about 6" square. This one makes me feel pretty happy. I wish it were huge so I could hang it on the wall! Maybe I will anyways.