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You Know What Makes Me Happy? A Week Off at the Beach

We spent this week at the cottage. It was a much needed break from all the chaos that's been swirling through my life lately. Jay still had lots of work to do and worked through most of the week, remotely, but at least we could stay up late playing RISK, have tons of delicious food, play with the cats all the time, and float around in the lake. I spent large chunks of the week curled up on a quilt under a huge rainbow umbrella, reading magazines about Typography and Gluten-Free Living and drinking Pina Coladas.

As I Draw: Prepare (Illustration Friday)

Illustration Friday is a website which suggests a weekly topic/word for Illustrators to all try their hands at and then everyone uploads a link to one place and can view each others interpretations. This week Kelly and I decided to give it a whirl so I bundled up and headed to her house to draw up a storm while munching on tortilla chips and talking about our favourite types of erasers. She and I are secret twins since we both love puppets and illustration. AND my middle name is Kelly. Unfortunately, she has a real twin...

You Know What Makes Me Happy? The Beach.

This is not a normal post. This is a post FROM THE BEACH. I am on my first real vacation in a few years, with Jay, at the cottage. Mostly I've been eating delicious food and laughing at the cats and re-reading Harry Potter. Being up here has reminded me of being a little kid and walking down the beach and being swung through the air between my parents. Yes, I used to be super blonde and wear green and pink together.