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Happy 32nd Birthday to Me!

I turn 32 on Sunday! 32 feels like a good birthday. I remember looking at my 32 year old friends when I was 25 or so and thinking "They have their lives together! 32 looks great!". Not so sure my life is necessarily "together", but it's not boring, anyways! 

Driving, Turning 30, and Three Years of Blogging!

I haven't blogged in a while. I would apologize, except I'm not in the least sorry! Sometimes you just need a break from the internet. It was amazing. However, I missed my third year of blogging anniversary in the summer. Oops! It's hard to believe I've stuck it out this long. It's hard to believe how much my writing and illustrating has improved. 

What Finnegan Ate: Birthday Cards

I turned 29, got a dog, and he ate my birthday cards. Actually, in the first week, he ate more than birthday cards, prompting this new blog series "What Finnegan Ate". Birthday cards aren't the worst thing ever, and I managed to catch them before he actually swallowed anything. Also, no harm was done, since I had already opened and read them and removed any money. Ha. But forget saving them, I guess. Brightly coloured envelopes are TOO MUCH temptation!

As I Draw: Blanket Forts

This is my most recent illustration, and the latest addition to my portfolio. I became fixated on blanket forts over the Christmas break, insisting that we build one for New Years Eve at Jay's house, which basically tore apart his living room and left an unholy mess. At the same time, I was illustrating my first full sized watercolour illustration in his kitchen. It's inspired by the feelings that I had as a child, when my sister and I would make undending blanket forts between the couch and coffee table, or through the basement.

This Writer Is 28 Years Old / 16 Years On A Bus

Today is my birthday! When I was a kid, I had a lot of expectations about what I would be like at 28 (married, house, two kids, job as a shop owner). I think childhood me would be pretty confused at how adult me has turned out. But that's okay. What did I know as a kid, anyways? I definitely didn't expect that mostly I would be exactly the same!