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Cat Portrait of Phee

I finished this portrait commission of my cousin’s cat this week. It was sweet to remember her and spend time staring at her face, as I knew Phee for many years via our mutual visits to the cottage. My dad’s side of the family are big cat lovers (and so was my dad!). Plus, how cute is this pose from their favourite photograph of her?! Also, she loves the painting and I am so happy that it can be a sweet memento of Phee in their home. Feel good feelings all around!

The String Under a Blanket Cat Game - Valentines Edition

Imagine I had a huge red-orange shag heart carpet? I CAN IMAGINE IT AND IT'S AMAZING.

Happy Valentines Day! I hand drew a version of this for Jay and it finally inspired me to blog because I absolutely LOVE this game. Basically, you get a huge long piece of twine or yarn, tie some stuff to the ends, shove it under a blanket, and then pull one end and watch your cats go crazy trying to catch the string. Here is an instagram video of our cats playing 'The Game'.

What Finnegan Ate: SO Many Cat Toys

Finn has eaten SO many cat toys. He steals them whenever he can and he's super sneaky about it, too.

A couple weeks ago, when I was asleep in bed, he tried to steal some out of the cat teepee, got his head stuck, and leapt straight up onto the bed, legs scrambling, teepee still on his head, barking furiously.

What Finnegan Ate: Cat Food

I am totally ashamed of how much cat food Finn has eaten. If I forget for even a split second that I left the cat food on the floor, he's off like a rocket through the house, on a beeline for the cat food, and he can eat an entire bowl in under 5 seconds. It's a whole other story, though, when the cats go sniffing around HIS food. We make him sit and stay for a while waiting for his food, but sometimes when he is waiting patiently the cats get curious about what smells so good and you should see his whole furry body quivering in indignation when they get near it!

As I Draw: Burst (Illustration Friday)

I am back on the Illustration Friday bandwagon! The word this week is "Burst", and this is the first thing I thought of. Later I thought of that feeling you have after Chinese Buffet, and that would have been funny, but I was in the mood to draw kitties and bees. So that's what I did.Illustration Friday is a great quick warmup for my day.

Demon Kitten Ninjas

Lucy & Mocha: 8 Months Old. Mocha (multi-coloured splotches), small, and terrified of everything. For fun she likes to do the Wishbone head-tilt and she is REALLY easy to confuse. She always looks at you like you just surprised the heck out of her for existing. Probably because when she turns her head away, she forgets you are there. Lucy (ginger) is smart and she is also a cat ninja. She uses her paws like human hands to pick things up and open doors.