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As I Draw: Candy Store Hijinx

Have you ever painted many layers of overlapping glass filled with colourful objects? In hindsight, I should have thought this through slightly better. Eyestrain headaches behind me, I can admit that I love this painting the best. You can see the final painting in a larger size and with many close-up process shots on my portfolio. I used Fineline Masquepen to carefully mask out the eyes, the shop owner's hair and mustache, and some of the lollipop sticks. That kept them nice and white through the sloppy underpainting stage.

As I Draw: Prepare (Illustration Friday)

Illustration Friday is a website which suggests a weekly topic/word for Illustrators to all try their hands at and then everyone uploads a link to one place and can view each others interpretations. This week Kelly and I decided to give it a whirl so I bundled up and headed to her house to draw up a storm while munching on tortilla chips and talking about our favourite types of erasers. She and I are secret twins since we both love puppets and illustration. AND my middle name is Kelly. Unfortunately, she has a real twin...

As I Draw: Blanket Forts

This is my most recent illustration, and the latest addition to my portfolio. I became fixated on blanket forts over the Christmas break, insisting that we build one for New Years Eve at Jay's house, which basically tore apart his living room and left an unholy mess. At the same time, I was illustrating my first full sized watercolour illustration in his kitchen. It's inspired by the feelings that I had as a child, when my sister and I would make undending blanket forts between the couch and coffee table, or through the basement.